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Festivals and Fundraisers at SVS

A Fun Learning Environment

At St. Vincent de Paul, we know that all children are God’s children. We’re passionate about teaching our students not only the basics like reading and writing, but all about Christ’s love. Since 1884, we’ve been steadfast in our mission of educating students of all denominations, and we’ve created the perfect environment to absorb all the lessons children need to become kind, loving adults, and have prosperous futures.

We work hard to instill strong values of faith, leadership, love, and service. Everyone who walks our halls has love in their heart and a desire to work with and mold the next generation. Many of our former students now send their own children or grandchildren to St. Vincent de Paul for a solid foundation of learning.

Enrich the Learning Experience with Sports & Clubs

We are the Redbirds! Our students, staff and even parishioners are proud to be a part of the Redbird team. Athletes have the opportunity to engage in friendly competition both with public and private schools in Warren County and beyond.

At St. Vincent de Paul, we know that engaging in extracurricular activities is important to creating well-rounded students. In addition to learning valuable life lessons through sportsmanship, teamwork and collaboration, children can cultivate friendships, exercise their bodies and minds, and have fun. With clubs like running, crafts, math and archery, and sports like basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading — there’s something for everyone!

Teaching Christ’s Love

We have a full roster of loving, caring, and dedicated staff. Our school couldn’t run without each and every person. Meet the full staff here.

How can we serve you?

Reach Out

John 13 tells us about when Jesus washed His disciples' feet, setting the example for us to serve our brothers in all things to glorify His name. As members of the Christian body at St. Vincent de Paul, it's our mission to show this attitude in all our actions. Let us know how we can be of service to you. Do you have questions, or a prayer request?

Whether you have a question not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, you want to request a tour of the school, or you have a prayer request, use the form to reach out. We are a community of faith and we believe in the power of prayer to our powerful, merciful, and all-knowing Christ.

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